Tech Mini-Course for Primary Teachers

using technology in the primary classroom to reach more students

     A Simple 3-Step System to Enhance Your Teaching Lessons

Are you looking for a way to simplify the use of tech in your classroom, so you are not spending too much of your class time teaching tech tools instead of actual reading, writing, math, and other important content and standards? 

Do you want your students to switch from consuming tech to creating with tech when it comes to mastering grade level standards?

Would you like those tech tools they use for creating with tech to be free? 

Then this FREE tech mini-course will get you going in the right direction! It is geared just for primary teachers too. Whether you feel tech challenged or you know the ins and outs of many software programs, this course will teach you a clear system to maximize class time with these tech tools while minimizing lost time. 

No matter what tech software you may have in place with your district or school or even if you do not have specific software in place, it offers various options to help fit that by offering training in both Google Slides and PowerPoint. You will also be learning how students can create images to be used in their creations made in both Google Slides and PowerPoint too. Then you will learn an easy and effective way to pass the files back and forth between you and the students. 

What You Get:

•A free five lesson mini-course that includes training on a simple three-step system to get students using tech efficiently while integrating it all with those teaching standards

•Information in the course on three types of tech tools that are must haves and training on how to get them set-up (I scouted out free options.) 

•Free teacher tutorials in video format

•An invite to join the Technology in the K-2 Facebook group for extra support

•Lesson Ideas to use with the 3-step system

•Information on what exactly your students need to know about the app or program when using the tech

•Tips and tricks throughout the course and webinar to simplify everything and avoid pitfalls


•Free digital teaching resources to use with this system

•Free short student tutorials to get this system flowing

•Access to my free resource library full of many goodies to use in your classroom

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Use Tech to Reach More Students in K-2

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Jolene Mathew

I have many years experience as a primary teacher. I started teaching in 2005. I am very passionate about integrating technology in the classroom and literacy. I love the fact that something I create can be used to make a difference in children’s lives around the world. Additionally, I love that I get to support teachers each and every day. I have both a bachelor and masters degree in elementary education.